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Table 3 Summary of GO term distribution

From: Transcriptome analysis of fungicide-responsive gene expression profiles in two Penicillium italicum strains with different response to the sterol demethylation inhibitor (DMI) fungicide prochloraz

Comparison between samplesGO term in totalBPCCMFDEG
Pi-R-I vs Pi-R-NI20051158245602770
Pi-S-I vs Pi-S-NI1025574105346225
Pi-R-I vs Pi-S-I229813023086881086
Pi-R-NI vs Pi-S-NI1684910214560711
  1. The Table lists term numbers in GO enrichment and in the three GO categories, i.e., Biological Process (BP), Cellular Component (CC), and Molecular Function (MF), for each comparison in the present study, and correspondingly, also lists differentially expressed gene (DEG) numbers