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Table 2 R packages used in the GenomeQC web-application

From: GenomeQC: a quality assessment tool for genome assemblies and gene structure annotations

R package Short Description
Shiny version 1.5.9 Package to build interactive web applications with R
Tools [17] Package for file utilities
Seqinr [18] Package for handling biological sequence data
Biostrings [19] Package for manipulating biological sequences
R.utils [20] Package for handling gunzipped files
Tidyverse [21] Package for formatting and plotting data
Gridextra [22], grid [22], cowplot [23] Package provides graphical layout capabilities to R
Reshape [24] Package for formatting and aggregating the data
shinyWidgets [25] Package for customizing input widgets in R shiny applications
shinyBS [26] Package for adding action and toggle buttons and popover to input or output
Promise, future and multisession [27] Package that provides async programming in R to handle long-running operations that run in the background