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Table 3 Number of NSY SNP mutations in 11 virulence related genes in high and low virulence groups

From: Comparative genomics and association analysis identifies virulence genes of Cercospora sojina in soybean

Gene ID Locus Wb P value PHI Secretory Protein CAZy Secondary Metabolism type
A08664 Contig5:2595828:2597615:− 87.5 0.038 Fusarium graminearum unaffected pathogenicity NAa NA NA
A05514 Contig3:1656954:1661119:+ 82.5 0.031 Fusarium graminearum reduced virulence NA NA NA
A05389 Contig3:1317556:1320133:− 88 0.014 NA YES alpha;-L-rhamnosidase NA
A05455 Contig3:1496013:1497815:+ 82.5 0.031 NA YES NA other
A08677 Contig5:2634601:2637864:+ 87.5 0.038 NA YES alpha;-glucosidase nrps
A00784 Contig1:3188237:3189785:− 82.5 0.031 NA NA Cellobiose dehydrogenase NA
A05375 Contig3:1277694:1288561:− 82.5 0.031 NA NA NA nrps
A05382 Contig3:1304494:1305336:− 82.5 0.031 NA NA NA nrps
A05384 Contig3:1310009:1310896:+ 82.5 0.032 NA NA NA nrps
A12105 Contig9:836803:839562:+ 81 0.045 NA NA NA nrps
A05450 Contig3:1483773:1487649:+ 82.5 0.032 NA NA NA other
  1. aNA not applicable
  2. bW Wilcoxon rank sum value