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Table 4 Average Nucleotide Identities (percent) between Saccharomyces species and Naumovozyma castellii concatenated single copy ortholog codon alignments

From: New genome assemblies reveal patterns of domestication and adaptation across Brettanomyces (Dekkera) species

 S. eubayanusS. uvarumS. cerevisiaeN. castelliiS. paradoxusS. mikataeS. kudriavzevii
S. arboricola82.182.481.161.681.981.383.2
S. eubayanus 92.879.961.680.680.181.8
S. uvarum  80.161.580.980.382.2
S. cerevisiae   61.689.384.081.9
N. castellii    61.661.661.4
S. paradoxus     85.282.8
S. mikatae      82.2