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Table 6 Average runtime (seconds) of FastTree-RAxML-GTM (GTM(RAxML)) and RAxML on 1000-species exon datasets

From: Unblended disjoint tree merging using GTM improves species tree estimation

Low ILS 10 Genes (n=19)  
-RAxML subtrees831.3n.a.
Low ILS 25 Genes (n=10)  
-RAxML subtrees1,460.6n.a.
High ILS 10 Genes (n=12)  
-RAxML subtrees637.5n.a.
High ILS 25 Genes (n=20)  
-RAxML subtrees1363.1n.a.
  1. The value for n is the number of replicates being compared, i.e., where a RAxML tree is available