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Table 1 Conserved domains of human “GJA4P” are more similar to cx39.2 than to GJA4 at amino acid level

From: Phylogeny of teleost connexins reveals highly inconsistent intra- and interspecies use of nomenclature and misassemblies in recent teleost chromosome assemblies

  1. Human (Hs) GJA4P was aligned as well as possible to the other connexin sequences at nucleotide level before being translated. The alignment is shown in Suppl. Fig. 13B. Note that the identity between eel (Aj) cx39.2 and human GJA4P is around 55%, which is at the same level as the identity between eel cx39.4 (gja4) and human GJA4. Further note that the identities between eel cx39.2 and eel gja4 are around 40%, which is the same level as the identity between human GJA4P and human GJA4. This is consistent with the results shown in the phylogenetic analyses elsewhere in this paper. Thus, human GJA4P (NG_026166) is incorrectly named, and is in reality a Cx39.2P sequence