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Table 1 Genome Statistics for Cupriavidus strain STM 6070

From: Novel heavy metal resistance gene clusters are present in the genome of Cupriavidus neocaledonicus STM 6070, a new species of Mimosa pudica microsymbiont isolated from heavy-metal-rich mining site soil

AttributeValue% of Total
Genome size (bp)6,771,773100.00
DNA coding region (bp)5,928,18887.54
DNA G + C content (bp)4,551,46367.21
Number of scaffolds107 
Total gene6182100.00
RNA genes641.04
rRNA operons*10.02
Protein-coding genes611898.96
Genes with function prediction505081.69
Genes assigned to COGs450072.79
Genes assigned Pfam domains530585.81
Genes with signal peptides67710.95
Genes with transmembrane helices140222.68
CRISPR repeats1 
  1. *1 copy of 16S rRNA and 4 copies of 5S rRNA