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Table 2 Statistic summary of the ddRADseq data for the mapping population of spotted scat

From: ddRADseq-assisted construction of a high-density SNP genetic map and QTL fine mapping for growth-related traits in the spotted scat (Scatophagus argus)

TypeItemFemale parentMale parentAverage of progeny
Raw dataGC_Rate (%)40.1740.1640.66
Q20_Rate (%)96.7796.7494.71
Q30_Rate (%)91.8791.8589.35
Raw reads57,224,36660,919,3768,177,854
Raw base (bp)8,411,981,8028,955,148,2721,202,173,359
Clean dataGC_Rate (%)40.1240.1240.58
Q20_Rate (%)96.7796.7494.75
Q30_Rate (%)91.8791.8489.40
Clean reads56,800,03460,536,9868,099,577
Clean base (bp)8,345,222,4428,894,041,1211,189,864,968
Effective data rate (%)99.2199.3298.95