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Table 1 Description of the datasets used in this study

From: A qualitative transcriptional signature to reclassify histological grade of ER-positive breast cancer patients

Training datasets
 GSE19615Affymetrix array232520,486
 GSE21653Affymetrix array374720,486
 GSE1456Affymetrix array264012,432
 GSE3494Affymetrix array623312,432
 EGAD00010000210aIllumina beadchip3022125,186
 EGAD00010000211aIllumina beadchip3512525,186
 TCGAIllumina HiSeq 20005817020,720
Validation datasets
 GSE7390Affymetrix Array29683512,432
 GSE6532Affymetrix Array29311212,432
 GSE4922Affymetrix Array48601112,432
 EGAbIllumina beadchip351204625,186
  1. Note: a denoted dataset provided by the Molecular Taxonomy of Breast Cancer International Consortium (METABRIC) [40]. EGAb denoted dataset integrated from EGAD00010000210 and EGAD00010000211