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Table 1 A-C Top 10 statistically significant changes in genera after oral treatment with Ampicillin (A), Ciprofloxacin (B), or Fosfomycin (C)

From: The effect of antibiotics on the gut microbiome: a metagenomics analysis of microbial shift and gut antibiotic resistance in antibiotic treated mice

  1. For each antibiotic cohort, the top 10 statistically significant changes inĀ  bacterial genera determined using edgeR are listed in tabular form. Plus sign in the last column indicates that the genera count increased after treatment and a minus sign indicates a decrease in the count after treatment. A complete list of these genera for each cohort/treatment combination along with their log2 fold change, p-value & FDR values reported by edgeR are provided in Supplementary Table 2A-I