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Table 3 Summary of orthologous proteins among six most closely related Dipteran insects

From: De novo assembly of the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) genome with linked-reads and long-read technologies minimizes gaps and provides exceptional Y chromosome assembly

 B. dorsalisB. oleaeC. capitataD. melanogasterM. domesticaZ. cucurbitae
Total proteins20,83325,88522,94930,58819,55224,215
Proteins in orthogroups20,29621,74522,13525,52316,93123,477
Unassigned proteins537414081450652621738
Proteins in orthogroups (%)97.48496.583.486.697
Unassigned proteins (%)2.3163.516.613.43
Orthogroups containing species11,41710,99111,29410,27410,30411,521
Species-specific orthogroups21712113305
Proteins in species-specific orthogroups (%)6907149013123
Proteins in species-specific orthogroups (%)
  1. Bactrocera dorsalis, Bactrocera oleae, Ceratitis capitata, Drosophila melanogaster, Musca domestica, and Zeugodacus cucurbitae. Orthologous proteins were identified and grouped using OrthoFinder [87]. % = percentage, See Supplementary Table S16 for the source of proteins used