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Table 1 Predicted ICRs for candidate imprinted gene identified by experimental techniques [15]

From: Discovering candidate imprinted genes and imprinting control regions in the human genome

chr4:81,122,001-81,124,000 PRDM8
chr5:179,233,001-179,234,500 SQSTM1
chr7:158,713,001-158,714,500 # WDR60
chr7:158,621,001-158,622,500 &  
chr9:71,736,276-71,737,400 # TJP2
chr12:123,755,871-123,756,470 # CDK2AP1
chr15:75,660,396-75,661,095 # MAN2C1
chr20:33,575,636-33,576,535 # MYH7B
  1. # This density peak encompasses 2 ZFBS-morph overlaps. Therefore, it could be a true or a false positive
  2. & This position could be a better candidate ICR For WDR60
  3. * This locus includes two robust density peaks