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Table 3 Examination of several predicted human imprinted genes with respect to candidate ICRs observed in density-plots

From: Discovering candidate imprinted genes and imprinting control regions in the human genome

ICRs Positions in the build hg19 Neighboring transcripts
chr7:42,275,801-42,277,360 GLI3
chr7:150,783,541-150,784,530 * FASTK
chr7:27,169,571-27,170,500 # HOXA4
chr7:27,224,001-27,224,600 HOXA11
chr7:27,291,381-27,292,450 & EVX1
chr6:105,387,976-105,388,975 + LIN28B
chr7:77,648,446-77,649,555 # MAGi2
  1. * This predicted ICR could be a true or a false positive. It is ~ 5400 bp upstream of FASTK at the 5′ end of AGAP3, transcript variant 3
  2. # This predicted ICR encompasses 2 ZFBS-morph overlaps. Therefore, it could be a true or a false positive
  3. & This density predicted ICR is far downstream EVX1 and upstream of EVX1-AS
  4. + This predicted ICR is far upstream of LIN28B and near LIN28B-AS1