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Table 1 Functional divergence between subfamilies of the TaDof gene family

From: Genome-wide analysis of wheat DNA-binding with one finger (Dof) transcription factor genes: evolutionary characteristics and diverse abiotic stress responses

Group1Group2Type IType II
θI ± s.e.LRTSites with Qk > 0.8θII ± s.e.Sites with Qk > 0.8
AB0.007 ± 0.0220None−0.044 ± 0.12830A
AC0.034 ± 0.0220None−0.157 ± 0.157None
AD0.224 ± 0.0900.596None−0.012 ± 0.129None
AE0.418 ± 0.2180.786None−0.007 ± 0.11652 K, 66 M, 94G, 105D
DB0.177 ± 0.0220None−0.048 ± 0.12971Y
DC0.022 ± 0.0220None−0.129 ± 0.163None
DE0.272 ± 0.0953.98930A0.053 ± 0.10630A, 32A, 33E, 47E 52 K, 55 N, 66 M, 94G
BC−0.053 ± 0.0220None−0.094 ± 0.16471Y
BE0.416 ± 0.1251.895None0.037 ± 0.11832A, 45 K, 52 K, 55 N, 66 M, 71Y, 75A, 94G
CE0.310 ± 0.1971.115None−0.082 ± 0.15147E
  1. Note: θI and θII respectively refer to the coefficients of Type-I and Type- II functional divergence between two groups; LRT, Likelihood Ratio Test; Qk, posterior probability. All sites were locatedon the sequence of TaDof6 according to the results of multiple sequence alignment. The bolted amino acid sites are both Type-I and Type- II functional divergence site