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Table 4 The identification numbers and FMRs under FDR =0.01 on Pfu dataset of various searching methods

From: A cost-sensitive online learning method for peptide identification

 MethodIdentification numberFMR
Sample PSMTide + Crux percolator67990.013
 X!Tandem + percolator98890.011
 Mascot + PepDistiller98640.013
 Comet + Crux Percolator99220.009
 Tide + OLCS-Ranker68970.008
 Comet + OLCS-Ranker106030.009
Sample peptideTide + crux percolator38780.016
 X!Tandem + percolator53200.012
 Mascot + PepDistiller53600.015
 Comet + crux percolator53430.010
 Tide + OLCS-ranker38060.008
 Comet + OLCS-ranker56670.011