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Table 1 CNVs predicted by CNVnator that passed the stringent filtering criteria. The CNV Del2 is shared between the HC control and HC case1, whereas two CNVs (Del1 and Del3) are private in HC case1 and the HC control respectively. No CNVs passed the filtering in HC case2. P-value: p-value of the mean normalized read depth value difference from genomic average; q0: fraction of reads mapped with mapping quality equal to zero

From: Whole-genome genotyping and resequencing reveal the association of a deletion in the complex interferon alpha gene cluster with hypothyroidism in dogs

CNV IDSampleType of CNVCFA11 coordinatesP-valueq0
Del1HC case1deletion38,625,401 - 38,626,9004.8 × 10−40
Del2HC controldeletion40,202,601 - 40,204,1007.5 × 10−50
Del2HC case1deletion40,202,301 - 40,204,1009.0 × 10−60
Del3HC controldeletion40,858,901 - 40,862,6004.3 × 10−110