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Table 2 List of phytotoxin genes differentially regulated by (p) ppGpp in PstDC3000 and PssB728a

From: Comparative transcriptomic analysis of global gene expression mediated by (p) ppGpp reveals common regulatory networks in Pseudomonas syringae

Locus tagDescription(p)ppGpp0PstDC3000 /PstDC3000(p)ppGpp0PssB728a /PssB728a
PSPTO_4704DNA-binding response regulator CorR− 2.59/
PSPTO_4705sensor histidine kinase CorS− 1.81/
Coronamic acid
PSPTO_4710coronamic acid synthetase CmaB− 2.02/
PSPTO_4711coronamic acid synthetase CmaC−1.53/
PSPTO_4712coronamic acid synthetase, CmaT−1.68/
PSPTO_4714CmaU protein−1.15/
B728a Syringomycin
PSYR_2607regulatory protein SyrF/−2.16
PSYR_2608amino acid adenylation SyrE/−1.81
PSYR_2609Alpha/beta hydrolase fold SyrC/−1.34
PSYR_2611amino acid adenylation SyrB1/−1.23
PSYR_2612SyrP protein/−2.97
PSYR_2613cyclic peptide transporter SyrD/−2.03
  1. DEGs were differentially expressed genes in the (p)ppGpp0PstDC3000 and (p)ppGpp0PssB728a with p-value < 0.05 between the WT and the ppGpp0 mutants. ‘/’ represents that gene is not present