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Table 2 The number and proportion of genomes within major C. jejuni clonal complexes and C. coli Clades from the collection used in this study that encode intact and inactive capD autotransporter genes

From: Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli autotransporter genes exhibit lineage-associated distribution and decay

ST-35333901(0.29%)00    00
ST-35421402(0.93%)00    00
ST-44316801(0.59%)00    00
ST-464379021(5.54%)00    00
ST-573611(1.63%)54(88.50%)013(21.30%)    00
ST-66113010(76.90%)01(7.69%)    00
ST-6921201(8.33%)00    00
None4344(0.92%)47(10.80%)014(3.22%)    1(0.23%)0
Clade 372        68(94.40%)1(1.38%)