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Table 1 Comparison of related applications

From: DolphinNext: a distributed data processing platform for high throughput genomics

 DolphinNextGalaxy [5]Sequanix [10]Taverna [9]Arvados [63]
Workflow management systemNextflowGalaxySnakemakeTavernaArvados
Native task supportbYes (any)NoYes (bash only)Yes (bash only)Yes
Common workflow languagecNoYesNoNoYes
Streaming processingdYesNoNoNoYes
Code sharing integrationeYesNoNoNoYes (GitHub)
Workflow modulesfYesYesYesYesYes
Workflow versioninggYesYesNoNoNo
Automatic error failoverhYesYesNoNoYes
Nested workflowsYesYesNoYesNo
Used syntax/ semanticsown/ownXML/ownPython/ownown/ownPython/own
Web-based process developmentiYesNoNoNoNo
Distributed pipeline executionjYesNoNoNoNo
Container Support 
Docker supportYesYesYesNoYes
Singularity supportYesYesYesNoNo
Built-in batch schedulers 
LSFYes (Native)Yes (DRMAA)Yes (Native)NoNo
SGEYes (Native)Yes (DRMAA)Yes (Native)Yes (Native)No
SLURMYes (Native)Yes (DRMAA)Yes (Native)NoYes (Native)
IGNITEYes (Native)NoNoNoNo
Built-in cloud 
AWS (Amazon Web Services)YesYesNoYesYes
GCP (Google Cloud Platform)YesYes (Partial)kNoNoYes
  1. aThe technology and the programming language in which each framework is implemented
  2. bThe ability of the framework to support the execution of native commands and scripts without re-implementation of the original processes
  3. cSupport for the CWL specification
  4. dAbility to process tasks inputs/outputs as a stream of data
  5. eSupport for code management and sharing platforms, such as GitHub
  6. fSupport for modules, sub-workflows or workflow compositions
  7. gAbility to track pipeline changes and to execute different versions at any point in time
  8. hSupport for automatic error handling and resume execution mechanism
  9. iAbility to add new processes in an embedded web editor without a wrapper or any installation of the wrapper
  10. jSupport for executing the same pipeline without any change in multiple computing environments to process the data within a single interface (e.g. hpc clusters, a workstation and cloud)
  11. kA Galaxy instance can be launched in Google cloud but for one-time use. When it is shut down, they are permanently deleted