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Table 2 Feature comparison of MethGET with other tools

From: MethGET: web-based bioinformatics software for correlating genome-wide DNA methylation and gene expression

Inputs with methylation and expression data X (Using gene region files with different expression values) No input No input
Customized analyses X X
Web interface X X X
Multiple-methylome analyses X
Supported species Any species with annotated genome Species with CpG island annotation Species with pathway annotation Species with region file Homo sapiens Homo sapiens
Sequence context of cytosine methylation CG, CHG, CHH CG CG CG, CHG, CHH CG CG
Target regions Genome-wide Selected CpG islands Genes in the pathway Genome-wide Selected genes Selected genes or regions
Genomic locations Gene body, promoter, exon, intron, TE CpG islands Annotated CpG sites Regions in region files 8 Gene regions+, 5 CpG Island regions Only selected cytosines
Correlation analyses 6 analyses 1 (Scatterplot) Visualization 1 (Metagene plot) 1 (Scatterplot) Visualization
Citation Teng et al. (2020) Warden et al. (2013) [21] Moghadam et al. (2017) [22] Huang et al. (2018) [23] Huang et al. (2015) [24] Komaki et al. (2018) [25]