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Table 1 String annotations and fold-changes of the proteins in the PPI network. Bold lettering in the “FC” column indicates significant fold-changes (> 1.0 and < − 1.0). List is given in ascending order of spot number

From: Protein changes as robust signatures of fish chronic stress: a proteomics approach to fish welfare research

SpotaAccession no.bProtein IDcFCdDanio rerio homolog (UniprotKB identifier)String annotation
152XP_008277007.1PREDICTED: complement factor B-like [Stegastes partitus]1.722.54F1QFT0zgc:158446
202XP_010753395.2PREDICTED: antithrombin-III [Larimichthys crocea]−0.36−1.61Q8AYE3serpinc1
209XP_019111370.1PREDICTED: inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H3-like [Larimichthys crocea]−0.49−1.76F1QTF9zgc:110377
224XP_017260893.1alpha-2-macroglobulin, partial [Kryptolebias marmoratus]−0.62−1.74A0A0R4IDD1a2ml
316AWP20152.1putative apolipoprotein B-100-like isoform 2 [Scophthalmus maximus]−0.88−1.46Q5TZ29apobb
367XP_023285742.1alpha-1-antitrypsin homolog [Seriola lalandi dorsalis]1.172.78Q6P5I9serpina1
544KKF22678.1Fibrinogen alpha chain [Larimichthys crocea]1.332.26B8A5L6fga
556XP_018550494.1PREDICTED: leucine-rich alpha-2-glycoprotein-like [Lates calcarifer]0.511.20Q5RHE5LRG1
558AEA41139.1transferrin [Sparus aurata]−0.46−2.18A0A2R8RRA6tfa
595ADM13620.1complement component c3 [Sparus aurata]1.082.06Q3MU74c3b
710ARI46218.1haptoglobin [Sparus aurata]1.391.53F8W5P2ENSDARG00000051890
736AJW65884.1Hyaluronic acid binding protein 2 [Sparus aurata]−0.33−1.53Q1JQ29habp2
796ACN54269.1warm temperature acclimation-related 65 kDa protein [Sparus aurata]0.851.13Q6PHG2hpx
877BAM36361.1pentraxin [Oplegnathus fasciatus]−1.24−0.73Q7SZ53crp2
XP_022604055.1kininogen-1-like [Seriola dumerili]−1.24−0.73Q5XJ76kng1
996APO15792.1apolipoprotein Eb [Sparus aurata]−0.10−3.04O42364apoeb
XP_010742296.3apolipoprotein A-I [Larimichthys crocea]−0.92−4.04O42363apoa1a
XP_020489366.1fetuin-B-like [Labrus bergylta]−0.47−1.07E7FE90fetub
  1. a Spot no. – number of the spot in the 2D gel (Fig.3), attributed by the SameSpots software
  2. b Accession number – NCBI accession number
  3. c Protein ID – protein identification by MALDI-TOF/TOF MS
  4. d FC - Log2(fold-change) - significant changes in protein abundance (treated/control). Bold lettering indicates significant fold-changes (> 1.0 and < − 1.0)