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Table 2 Peltaster fructicola nuclear genome statistics and comparison to other fungal species with highly compact genome

From: A chromosome-scale assembly of the smallest Dothideomycete genome reveals a unique genome compaction mechanism in filamentous fungi

SpeciesPeltaster fructicolaTaphrina deformansPneumocystis jiroveciiSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Chromosomes (count)5NAaNAa16
Genome size (Mb)18.9913.38.112.07
GC content (%)51.9549.529.138.3
Protein coding genes (count)8072573538986002
Exons per gene (count)2.322.13.71.13
Introns per gene (count)1.36NAa4.7b0.06
tRNA genes (count)4416971275
rDNA copies (count)915~ 560b
Intergenic distance (median, bp)463NAa326350
Intergenic regions (%)31362926
Intron distance (median, bp)50NAa45111
Telomere repeat unitTAGGGTTAGGGTTAGGGT(G)2–3(TG)1–6
Repeat content (%)0.341.59.85.13
Data sourceCurrent studyFrom reference [8]From reference [8]Analysis in this study. NCBI R64 genome version was used
  1. aNA, not applicable or not available from the website
  2. bThese data are obtained from reference [9]