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Table 3 GO classification of the differentially expressed genes from R. philippinarum under hypoxia stress

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals differential immune related genes expression in Ruditapes philippinarum under hypoxia stress: potential HIF and NF-κB crosstalk in immune responses in clam

immune system process (GO:0002376)H1 vs N1BP710.000218
antioxidant activity (GO:0016209)H1 vs N1MF200.000309
immune response (GO:0006955)H1 vs N1BP600.000311
tumor necrosis factor receptor binding (GO:0005164)H1 vs N1MF200.000474
peroxidase activity (GO:0004601)H1 vs N1MF70.003901
regulation of apoptotic process (GO:0042981)H1 vs N1BP580.004872
oxidoreductase activity (GO:0016491)H2 vs N2MF2783.24E-07
antioxidant activity (GO:0016209)H2 vs N2MF232.05E-05
peroxiredoxin activity (GO:0051920)H2 vs N2MF70.000251
immune system process (GO:0002376)H3 vs N3MF610.000900
antioxidant activity (GO:0016209)H3 vs N3MF190.000159
immune response (GO:0006955)H3 vs N3BP510.001554
tumor necrosis factor receptor binding (GO:0005164)H3 vs N3MF212.92E-05
cytokine receptor binding (GO:0005126)H3 vs N3MF344.99E-05
defense response (GO:0006952)H vs NBP50.000556
response to stress (GO:0006950)H vs NBP70.007614
oxidoreductase activity (GO:0016491)H vs NMF80.005337
peroxiredoxin activity (GO:0051920)H vs NMF10.017815