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Table 3 Percentage of DNA sequences identified as either retroelements or DNA transposons, and total interspersed repeats. Observed values for the entire T. cacao genome, for all recombination hotspots (HS), and ubiquitous hotspots (hotspots in the same location in at least eight different populations). Also presented are mean percentage of these sequences for 1000 simulations of hotspots equivalent in size and count as the ubiquitous set and the percentile at which the observed value for the ubiquitous set is found in the distribution of the simulated set (Sim)

From: Genetic differentiation and intrinsic genomic features explain variation in recombination hotspots among cocoa tree populations

MeasuresObserved % ubiquitous HSObserved % all HSObserved % whole genomeMean % Sim% Sim > ubiquitous
DNA transposons1.941.641.101.105.4