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Table 2 Number of significantly differentially expressed genes (DEGs) from the pairwise comparisons, at FDR < 0.05, and additional criteria logCPM> 1.5 and logFC> 1

From: Transcriptome profiling of human thymic CD4+ and CD8+ T cells compared to primary peripheral T cells

groupcomparisonupregulated in#DEGs#DEGs total
CD4+thymus vs infant bloodthymus16242957
  infant blood1333 
CD4+thymus vs adult bloodthymus14512688
  adult blood1237 
CD4+infant blood vs adult bloodinfant blood246575
  adult blood329 
CD8+thymus vs infant bloodthymus12862695
  infant blood1409 
CD8+thymus vs adult bloodthymus11542222
  adult blood1068 
CD8+infant blood vs adult bloodinfant blood250405
  adult blood155 
adult bloodCD4+ vs CD8+CD4+339675
infant bloodCD4+ vs CD8+CD4+8191995
thymusCD4+ vs CD8+CD4+11072028