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Table 1 Identified β-and γ-CAs from vertebrates

From: Assessment of databases to determine the validity of β- and γ-carbonic anhydrase sequences from vertebrates

Type of CANCBI IDsVertebrate speciesStatus in database73–100% identical speciesExon count
β-CAXP_007454654.1Lipotes vexillifer (extinct Yangtze River dolphin)AAPseudomonas sp.1
XP_007466906.1Acinetobacter sp.
XP_005974256.1Pantholops hodgsonii (Tibetan antelope)ADAgrobacterium sp. Rhizobium sp.1
XP_005956696.1Sphingobium sp.
XP_005973271.1Mesorhizobium sp.
XP_005979975.1Acinetobacter sp.
XP_005954808.1Sphingobium sp.
LVXS01065484.1: 870–1430aMus musculus, strain NOD/ShiLtJ (house mouse)AASerratia sp.ND
SJM31717.1Homo sapiens (Human)ADMesorhizobium delmotii1
LVHJ01039623:18–230aHippocampus comesb (Tiger tail seahorse)UAMuricauda sp. (87.3%)ND
QNTS01034426:189–644aHucho hucho (Huchen or Danube salmon)UAFlavobacterium sp. (73.7%)ND
XP_024266887.1Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (Chinook salmon)UAHydrogenophaga sp.1
γ-CAXP_007452618.1Lipotes vexillifer (extinct Yangtze River dolphin)AAPseudomonas sp.1
XP_005974442.1Pantholops hodgsonii (Tibetan antelope)ADCaulobacter sp.1
XP_005977566.1Delftia sp. (98%)
XP_005974267.1Acinetobacter sp.
GL180697.1: 4765-5075aXenopus tropicalisADComamonadaceae bacteriumND
SJM34589.1Homo sapiens (Human)ADMesorhizobium delmotii1
XP_004001159.1Felis catus (domestic cat)ADAcidovorax sp. (97%)1
XP_019578089.1Rhinolophus sinicus (Chinese rufous horseshoe bat)ADBrassica sp. (94%)1
LVHJ01047219:4–240aHippocampus comes (Tiger tail seahorse)UABacteroidetes bacterium (93.7%)ND
  1. Abbreviations: ND Not defined, A Available, D Discontinued, U Unavailable (Supplementary file 1)
  2. a: Genomic location in the Ensembl genome browser 95
  3. b: The sequencing shows only the first highly conserved sequence (CXDXR)