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Table 4 Results of enrichment by GO and KEGG analysis for the candidate genes

From: Genome-wide association studies detects candidate genes for wool traits by re-sequencing in Chinese fine-wool sheep

Trait Term P-value Enrich Genes
FD, FDCV and FDSD integral component of endoplasmic reticulum membrane (GO:0030176) 0.0000672 SAMD8, FKBP8, EXT1, DCSTAMP
positive regulation of monocyte chemotaxis (GO:0090026) 0.02651675 LOC101117971, TNFSF18
presynaptic membrane (GO:0042734) 0.030568552 CADPS2, NRXN1
positive regulation of inflammatory response (GO0050729) 0.052361511 TNFSF4, TNFSF18
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction (oas04060) 0.012537021 LOC101103766, TNFSF4, LOC101117971, TNFSF18
Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis - heparan sulfate heparin (oas00534) 0.053641685 HS6ST3, EXT1
SL and GFW regulation of establishment of cell polarity (GO:2000114) 0.05354365 WDPCP, KANK1
negative regulation of insulin receptor signaling pathway (GO:0046627) 0.057544264 PID1, KANK1
nucleotide binding (GO:0000166) 0.074031682 LARP6, ADCY1, EIF3B, EWSR1
regulation of autophagy (GO:0010506) 0.081203017 ABL2, USP13
Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) (oas04514) 0.009109937 LOC101108158, CADM1, NLGN1, CNTNAP2
Glutamatergic synapse (oas04724) 0.031888822 ADCY1, GRIA2, GRM7
SS and SE positive regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway (GO:0090263) 0.010663274 YAP1, LRRK1, SRC
osteoclast development (GO:0036035) 0.011584332 LRRK1, SRC
extracellular-glutamate-gated ion channel activity (GO:0005234) 0.039331749 GRIN2A, GRID2
bone resorption (GO:0045453) 0.042775594 LRRK1, SRC
excitatory postsynaptic potential (GO:0060079) 0.051115614 GRIN2A, GRID2
  1. FD mean fibre diameter, FDCV fibre diameter coefficient of variation, FDSD fibre diameter standard deviation, SL staple length, GFW greasy fleece weight, SS staple strength, SE staple elong;