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Table 3 Significant enrichment of KEGG pathways associated with growth and development

From: Study on the transcriptome for breast muscle of chickens and the function of key gene RAC2 on fibroblasts proliferation

Group Name of the KEGG Term ID DEGs number Corrected p-value Genes name
M4FvsM8F Steroid biosynthesis gga00100 4 0.000391 NSDHL; SQLE; SC5D; HSD17B7
M4FvsM12F Carbon metabolism gga01200 44 0.049506 PFKM; HK2; FBP1; FBP2; PKM; MDH2; DLAT
Salmonella infection gga05132 35 0.049506 MAPK11; FOS; FOSB; IL8L1; RHOG
M8FvsM12F Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction gga04060 79 0.041333 TGFB1; TGFB3; TGFBR2; BMPR2; GSF1R; VEGFA; EGF; CCR5
Focal adhesion gga04510 85 0.041333 MYLK2; ACTN1; ACTN2; MAPK9; RAC2; VAV2; MYLK4; HGF
Carbon metabolism gga01200 48 0.043003 PKM; FBP1; FBP2; HK1; CPS1; GOT2; GPI
Biosynthesis of amino acids gga01230 35 0.043003 PKM; PFKM; TKT; MAT1A; CTH
All DEGs Carbon metabolism gga01200 54 0.04593 PKM; HK1; HK2; HK3; DLAT
Focal adhesion gga04510 93 0.04593 FN1; PIK3CB; MYLK4; ACTN2; RAC2
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction gga04060 85 0.04593 TGFB1; FAS; BMPR2; TGFB3; TGFBR2;
Salmonella infection gga05132 42 0.04593 MAPK9; MAPK11; FOSB; IL8L1
  1. Note:M4F: Breast muscle of male chickens at 4 weeks; M8F: Breast muscle of male chickens at 8 weeks; M12F: Breast muscle of male chickens at 12 weeks