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Table 3 Disease Resistance: Gene ontology enrichment analysis of over-represented, up-regulated genes at 12 h post-induction

From: Early transcriptome changes induced by the Geminivirus C4 oncoprotein: setting the stage for oncogenesis

GO terms P-value FDR* Fold enrichment Gene symbola Encoded protein name (Gene ID)
Response to other organisms (GO:0051707) 2.25E-04 4.75E-02 3.93 Disease resistance family protein/LRR family protein (AT2G34930) ***
CYP71A13 Indoleacetaldoxime dehydratase (Cytochrome P450) (AT2G30770) ***
Endochitinase (AT2G43580) ***
RLP23 Receptor-like protein 23 (AT2G32680) ***
PME41 Pectin methylesterase  41 (AT4G02330)***
PXMT1 Paraxanthine methyltransferase 1 (AT1G66700) ***
BG3 Glucan endo-1-3-beta-glucosidase BG3 (AT3G57240)
CRK7 Cysteine-rich receptor-like protein kinase 7 (AT4G23150)
CRK14 Cysteine-rich receptor-like protein kinase 14 (AT4G23220)
ABCG40 ABC transporter G family 40 (AT1G15520)
  1. *FDR false discovery rate, value has a P < 0.05
  2. ***Significantly enriched in the GO category response to fungi (GO:0009620, P-value = 1.63E-04, FDR = 3.86E-02, Fold enrichment = 7.52)
  3. aGene symbols in bold print indicate genes uniquely responsive to C4