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Table 3 The genes present in the P.lunatus

From: Chloroplast genome sequence of Chongming lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) and comparative analyses with other legume chloroplast genomes

Category Gene group Gene name
Photosynthesis Subunits of photosystem I psaA, psaB, psaC, psaI, psaJ
  Subunits of photosystem II psbA, psbB, psbC, psbD, psbE, psbF, psbH, psbI, psbJ, psbK, psbL, psbM, psbN, psbT, psbZ
  Subunits of NADH dehydrogenase ndhA*, ndhB* (2), ndhC, ndhD, ndhE, ndhF, ndhG, ndhH, ndhI, ndhJ, ndhK
  Subunits of cytochrome b/f complex petA, petB*, petD*, petG, petL, petN
  Subunits of ATP synthase atpA, atpB, atpE, atpF*, atpH, atpI
  Large subunit of rubisco rbcL
Self-replication Proteins of large ribosomal subunit #rpl133, rpl14, rpl16*, rpl2* (2), rpl20, rpl23 (2), rpl32, rpl36
  Proteins of small ribosomal subunit #rps16, rps11, rps12**(2), rps14, rps15, rps18, rps19 (2), rps2, rps3, rps4, rps7 (2), rps8
  Subunits of RNA polymerase rpoA, rpoB, rpoC1*, rpoC2
  Ribosomal RNAs rrn16 (2), rrn23 (20, rrn4.5 (2), rrn5 (2)
  Transfer RNAs trnA-UGC*(2),trnC-GCA,trnD-GUC,trnE-UUC,trnF-GAA,trnG-UCC,trnG-UCC*,trnH-GUG,trnI-CAU (2),trnI-GAU* (2),trnK-UUU*,trnL-CAA (2),trnL-UAA*,trnL-UAG,trnM-CAU,trnN-GUU(2),trnP-UGG,trnQ-UUG,trnR-ACG (2),trnR-UCU,trnS-GCU,trnS-GGA,trnS-TGA,trnT-GGU,trnT-UGU,trnV-GAC (2),trnV-UAC*,trnW-CCA,trnY-GUA,trnfM-CAU
Other genes Maturase matK
  Protease clpP**
  Envelope membrane protein cemA
  Acetyl-CoA carboxylase accD
  c-type cytochrome synthesis gene ccsA
Genes of unknown function Conserved hypothetical chloroplast ORF ycf1, ycf2 (2), ycf3**, ycf4
  1. Notes: Gene*: Gene with one intron; Gene**: Gene with two introns; #Gene: Pseudo gene; Gene (2): Number of copies of multi-copy genes;