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Table 2 PDB IDs of the translation factors, and translation factor and ribosome complex

From: In silico analysis of bacterial translation factors reveal distinct translation event specific pI values

Translation Factor PDB ID Translation Factor - Ribosome complex PDB ID
EF-Tu 2FX3 EF-Tu – 70S ribosome 5AFI
EF-G 3J0E EF-G – 70S ribosome 3JA1
EF-4 3DEG EF-4 – 70S ribosome 5J8B
EF-P 3OYY EF-P – 70S ribosome 6ENJ
RF1 4V7P RF1 – 70S ribosome 6DNC
RF2 5MGP RF2 – 70S ribosome 5MDV
RF3 4V85 RF3 – 70S ribosome 6GXM