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Table 1 List of differentially expressed miRNAs (DEMs, Bonferroni adjusted p-value < 0.05) identified in this study. The ID number specifies the miRNA sequence according to data sets obtained in sRNA-Seq (Additional file 3). The given fold change is shown as a log2 value in the column log2(FC). Predicted target genes are presented in the table based on dual degradome profiling (Additional files 15, 17, 19 and 23). Type categorizes miRNAs based on the sequences deposited in miRBase without mismatches, isomiRs include miRNAs with nucleotide shift (super or sub) at their 5′, 3′, or at both ends [64]

From: Pi-starvation induced transcriptional changes in barley revealed by a comprehensive RNA-Seq and degradome analyses

  1. † = miRNA expressed in both organs; + = miRNA detected by ShortStack tool; TS = TargetSeek approach, PS = PAREsnip2 approach, N/A = not available