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Table 1 Description of samples used for microarray analysis

From: Genome-wide analysis of spatiotemporal expression patterns during rice leaf development

Sample Stage Tissue Abbreviation
Shoot Apex P0, P1, P2 Shoot apex containing SAM and P1 and P2 leaf primordia SA
P3 P3 Whole P3 leaf primordia P3
P4Sheath P4 Leaf sheath P4S
P4Blade_basal P4 Basal part of leaf blade P4Bb
P4Blade_middle P4 Middle part of leaf blade P4Bm
P4Blade_apical P4 Apical part of leaf blade P4Ba
P5Sheath P5 Leaf sheath P5S
P5Boundary P5 Boundary region between leaf blade and sheath P5BS
P5Blade P5 Leaf blade P5B
P6Sheath P6 Leaf sheath P6S
P6Boundary P6 Boundary region between leaf blade and sheath P6BS
P6Blade P6 Leaf blade P6B