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Table 2 Enriched GO terms, transcription factors, and transcriptional regulators in the six clusters in Fig. 3. See Supplemental Figures 6 and 7 for enriched GO terms and TF/TRs in all 28 clusters obtained through K-means clustering, respectively

From: Genome-wide analysis of spatiotemporal expression patterns during rice leaf development

Cluster Enriched GO terms TF/TRs
Cluster1 regulation of transcription, p = 4.8e-07 OSH1/6/15/71 (ClassI KNOX), OsNAM/OsCUC3, OsPLT2/3/4/5/6 (BBM clade PLETHORA), OsTB1
Cluster2 microtubule-based movement, p = 8.6e-05 OsPLT1/7/8/9 (ANT clade PLETHORA), OsGRF1/6/7/9/10, OsGIF1/MKB3
Cluster7 main pathways of carbohydrate metabolism, p = 3.7e-05 OsBOP1/2/3
Cluster9 response to oxidative stress, p = 4.2e-07  
Cluster12 photosynthesis, p = 7.9e-21 OsBBX8/10/12/17 (C2C2-CO-like), OsPIL12/13 (PIF)
carbon utilization by fixation of carbon dioxide, p = 8.5e-10
electron transport, p = 3.3e-07
Cluster15 protein amino acid phosphorylation, p = 6.2e-05