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Table 1 Summary for the full-length transcriptome of Monochamus saltuarius analyzed with the PacBio Sequel II platform

From: Comparative transcriptome analysis of the newly discovered insect vector of the pine wood nematode in China, revealing putative genes related to host plant adaptation

Library 1–6 kb
SMRT cell 1
Subreads base (G) 22.36
Number of CCS 284,546
Read bases of CCS 735,095,084
Mean read length of CCS 2583
Mean number of passes 36
Number of undesired primer reads 37,473
Number of filtered short reads 21
Number of full-length non-chimeric reads 234,939
Number of consensus isoforms 48,361
Average consensus isoforms read length (bp) 3122
Number of polished high-quality isoforms 46,082
Number of polished low-quality isoforms 1917
Number of non-redundant transcripts 32,304