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Table 2 Comparing p-values for EcoCyc CYSTSYN-PWY and KEGG map00270

From: Pathway size matters: the influence of pathway granularity on over-representation (enrichment analysis) statistics

Count of Significantly Expressed Genes EcoCyc p-value Corrected for Multiple Comparisons Native KEGG p-value Corrected for Multiple Comparisons
3 4.6×10−9 1.6×10−6 7.5×10−6 8.9×10−4
2 5.0×10−6 1.8×10−3 3.9×10−4 4.7×10−2
1 2.7×10−3 9.7×10−1 2.0×10−2 1.0
  1. Each row starts with the number of significantly expressed genes in a data set. Corrected p-values to the right of each p-value column use Bonferroni as a “worst case” correction as discussed in the text