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Table 3 Panther enriched pathways of the up-regulated differentially expressed genes (DEG) in the aggressive Lidia breed

From: Gene expression profiles underlying aggressive behavior in the prefrontal cortex of cattle

Pathway DEG Fold Enrichment P-value FDR
Blood coagulation 10 4.32 2.51E-04 8.33E-03
Integrin signaling pathway 29 3.85 5.47E-09 4.54E-07
Alzheimer disease-presenilin pathway 18 3.67 7.66E-06 4.24E-04
Angiogenesis 21 3.15 1.18E-05 4.92E-04
Gonadotropin-realizing hormone receptor pathway 23 2.26 7.08E-04 1.96E-02