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Table 1. Significantly-changed pathways in the Goseq analysis of Hallmark, KEGG and Wiki pathways filtered by a FDR cutoff of 0.05

From: Transcriptome analyses of 7-day-old zebrafish larvae possessing a familial Alzheimer’s disease-like mutation in psen1 indicate effects on oxidative phosphorylation, ECM and MCM functions, and iron homeostasis

Pathway DE genes Genes in category FDR
Hallmark pathway
 G2M_CHECKPOINT 19 182 1.37E-10
 E2F_TARGETS 13 174 2.53E-05
KEGG pathway
 DNA_REPLICATION 7 34 4.17E-06
 CELL_CYCLE 8 109 5.29E-04
Wiki pathway
 DNA Replication 6 31 4.26E-05
 Cell cycle 7 71 2.08E-04
 G1 to S cell cycle control 6 49 2.24E-04