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Table 1 Top 20 miRNAs expressed in the sheep pineal gland at each reproductive stage

From: Expression characteristics of pineal miRNAs at ovine different reproductive stages and the identification of miRNAs targeting the AANAT gene

Rank Anestrus Luteal phase Follicular phase
1 miR-142 oar-miR-181a oar-miR-181a
2 miR-202 oar-let-7a oar-miR-26a
3 oar-let-7a oar-miR-26a oar-let-7a
4 miR-2 oar-miR-143 oar-miR-143
5 oar-miR-181a miR-1 oar-miR-30d
6 miR-3 oar-let-7f oar-miR-30a-5p
7 miR-18 miR-154 miR-154
8 miR-21 miR-175 miR-175
9 miR-1 oar-miR-30d oar-miR-22-3p
10 oar-let-7f oar-let-7 g miR-6
11 oar-let-7 g oar-let-7c miR-7
12 oar-miR-143 oar-miR-21 miR-1
13 oar-miR-26a oar-miR-30a-5p oar-let-7f
14 oar-miR-99a miR-6 oar-let-7c
15 oar-miR-191 miR-7 oar-let-7 g
16 oar-miR-21 miR-5 miR-4
17 oar-let-7c miR-2 miR-5
18 miR-200 oar-miR-22-3p miR-2
19 miR-7 oar-let-7i oar-let-7i
20 oar-miR-30a-5p miR-4 miR-14