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Table 1 Summary of the regions detected by the modified WaveQTL

From: A fast wavelet-based functional association analysis replicates several susceptibility loci for birth weight in a Norwegian population

Chr Start (bp) End (bp) Main P-value Corresponding Gene name GWAMA Sample
    run   correction    size
1 43340639 43403139 Yes 5.06×10−7 9.67×10−6 SLC2A1 [1] 230,069
3 123051305 123133336 Yes 9.81×10−8 9.67×10−6 ADCY5 [21] 27,591
3 156785678 156816928 No 7.00×10−8 3.04×10−7 LOC339894/CCNL1 [16] 61,142
8 142201004 142255692 No 1.01×10−7 6.08×10−7 SLC45A4 [16] 61,142
17 6965237 7215238 Yes 2.82×10−8 9.67×10−6 CLDN7/SLC2A4 [15] 153,781
  1. In the column “Main run”, “Yes” corresponds to a region detected using the modified WaveQTL, and “No” corresponds to a region subsequently detected only after applying the zooming strategy. The column “Corresponding correction” displays the nominal significance level for declaring a region as statistically significant (see Methods for details). The column “GWAMA” corresponds to the GWAMA in which the locus was first detected. The column “Sample Size” corresponds to the sample size of the GWAMA in which the locus was first detected. The genomic coordinates are based on the GRCh37 hg19 genome assembly