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Table 1 Tools, databases and tutorials relevant for the identification and characterization of the host-pathogen share-ome. All URLs were accessible as of January 2021

From: A systematic bioinformatics approach for large-scale identification and characterization of host-pathogen shared sequences

Database, Tool, and Tutorial URL
NCBI Entrez Databases
NCBI Entrez Protein Database
NCBI Entrez Taxonomy Database
STRING Viruses database; version 11.0
E-Utilities esearch-efetch
Unipro UGENE tools
UniProt Retrieving and ID Mapping tool
Unix utilities
Tutorial 1: Notes on how to use R for doing statistical analysis and graphics
Tutorial 2: Unipro UGENE Manual Version 37, 2020. Consists of user guide to bioinformatics tools for alignments, genome sequencing, data analysis, and amino acids sequence visualization, among others.
Tutorial 3: User’s guides on implementation for removing duplicates sequences and generating representative sequences
Tutorial 4: Webinar: Introduction to NCBI’s E-utilities API