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Table 3 A sample of irrelevant hits identified through the data cleaning process. The irrelevant hits from a viral lineage search included those of missing/incomplete lineage information (unknown, unclassified or no species information) or of unrelated lineage (bacterial species) origin

From: A systematic bioinformatics approach for large-scale identification and characterization of host-pathogen shared sequences

Protein ID “Organism” field value Remark
CAA41747.1 Retroviridae Species information not available
CAA41748.1 Retroviridae
AAB29320.1 Tobamovirus
AAB22506.1 Orthohantavirus
CAM83964.1 unclassified Parechovirus
5AUM_D Potyviridae
2MLG_A Fuselloviridae
1BDE_A Unknown
1Q3Z_A Unknown
3F2E_A Rudivirus
ANM47321.1 Streptococcus suis Bacterial origin
ANM47427.1 Streptococcus suis
AAT65035.1 Mycoplasma fermentans
AAT65057.1 Mycoplasma fermentans
BAA94190.1 Escherichia coli O157:H7
CAC83125.1 Escherichia coli
CAH23236.1 Escherichia coli
CAH23267.1 Escherichia coli
CAH23268.1 Escherichia coli
4PJZ_A Actinoplanes teichomyceticus
4PK0_A Actinoplanes teichomyceticus