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Table 1 Differentially expressed Gene Ontology terms in H. defensa

From: Triple RNA-Seq characterizes aphid gene expression in response to infection with unequally virulent strains of the endosymbiont Hamiltonella defensa

DEG List GO-term GO Category p-value FDR value
H15 vs H85 structural constituent of ribosome Molecular function 3.99E-12 7.09E-09
ribosome Cellular component 1.02E-11 7.09E-09
rRNA binding Molecular function 3.40E-09 9.01E-07
translation Biological process 9.35E-08 2.07E-05
H76 vs H85 host cell membrane Cellular component 1.40E-04 0.07
H402 vs H85 pathogenesis Biological process 9.79E-06 0.02
Shared DEG
H76 vs H85
H402 vs H85
interspecies interaction between organisms Biological process 4.45E-06 0.01
  1. Lists of differentially expressed H. defensa genes were tested for GO-term enrichment using Blast2Go’s Enrichment Analysis pipeline. Lists of GO-terms were reduced to the most specific terms. GO-category, p-value and false discovery rate (FDR) are indicated for each term