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Table 1 Gene Ontology analysis based on Pc data. Genes having Pc < − 0.2 were considered. For cumulative Pc analysis, the 3 individual Pc were added and the genes within the 5th percentile of those with higher cumulative Pc were considered

From: Transcriptomic coordination at hepatic steatosis indicates robust immune cell engagement prior to inflammation

GO biological process complete Fold Enrichment raw P-value FDR
Steatosis vs Control
 positive regulation of chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 2 production (GO:2000343) 11.63 2.14E-04 4.27E-02
 myeloid leukocyte activation (GO:0002274) 3.33 6.62E-05 2.01E-02
 myeloid leukocyte differentiation (GO:0002573) 3.28 2.14E-04 4.32E-02
 positive regulation of T cell activation (GO:0050870) 3.21 3.26E-06 2.71E-03
 cytokine production (GO:0001816) 3.08 9.61E-05 2.40E-02
 positive regulation of leukocyte cell-cell adhesion (GO:1903039) 3.02 5.30E-06 2.98E-03
 positive regulation of leukocyte proliferation (GO:0070665) 2.94 2.50E-04 4.75E-02
 cell activation involved in immune response (GO:0002263) 2.7 2.75E-04 4.97E-02
 regulation of T cell activation (GO:0050863) 2.69 2.12E-06 1.97E-03
 regulation of leukocyte cell-cell adhesion (GO:1903037) 2.67 3.55E-06 2.66E-03
Non steatosis vs Control
 neuronal action potential propagation (GO:0019227) 13.51 1.17E-04 4.49E-02
 action potential propagation (GO:0098870) 13.51 1.17E-04 4.38E-02
 plasma membrane organization (GO:0007009) 3.82 8.77E-05 3.63E-02
 lymphocyte differentiation (GO:0030098) 2.66 1.60E-05 1.09E-02
 mononuclear cell differentiation (GO:1903131) 2.46 4.78E-05 2.28E-02
 leukocyte differentiation (GO:0002521) 2.36 3.51E-05 1.84E-02
 lymphocyte activation (GO:0046649) 2.35 9.87E-06 7.77E-03
 leukocyte activation (GO:0045321) 2.22 5.65E-06 5.56E-03
 hemopoiesis (GO:0030097) 2.1 3.73E-06 5.33E-03
 hematopoietic or lymphoid organ development (GO:0048534) 1.97 1.44E-05 1.08E-02
Steatosis vs Non-Steatosis
 mitotic G2/M transition checkpoint (GO:0044818) 6 6.01E-05 2.70E-02
 negative regulation of G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle (GO:0010972) 5.24 6.31E-05 2.68E-02
 negative regulation of cell cycle G2/M phase transition (GO:1902750) 4.68 6.85E-05 2.77E-02
 regulation of G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle (GO:0010389) 4.64 1.79E-06 1.76E-03
 regulation of cell cycle G2/M phase transition (GO:1902749) 3.9 1.26E-05 8.61E-03
 negative regulation of mitotic cell cycle phase transition (GO:1901991) 3.15 7.98E-05 3.14E-02
 negative regulation of cell cycle phase transition (GO:1901988) 3.12 3.47E-05 1.89E-02
 regulation of mitotic cell cycle phase transition (GO:1901990) 2.79 1.79E-06 1.66E-03
 regulation of cell cycle phase transition (GO:1901987) 2.56 8.13E-06 6.40E-03
 mitotic cell cycle (GO:0000278) 2.06 1.73E-05 1.09E-02
Pc (cumulative) with top 5% of genes (600)
 mammary gland epithelium development (GO:0061180) 5.14 1.34E-04 4.91E-02
 cellular modified amino acid metabolic process (GO:0006575) 3.59 2.51E-05 1.36E-02
 sulfur compound metabolic process (GO:0006790) 2.95 9.59E-06 5.59E-03
 glycerophospholipid metabolic process (GO:0006650) 2.76 1.29E-04 4.85E-02
 phospholipid metabolic process (GO:0006644) 2.59 6.53E-05 2.94E-02
 cellular lipid metabolic process (GO:0044255) 2.4 5.38E-09 9.41E-06
 organophosphate metabolic process (GO:0019637) 2.37 1.09E-07 1.07E-04
 monocarboxylic acid metabolic process (GO:0032787) 2.26 6.99E-05 3.06E-02
 carboxylic acid metabolic process (GO:0019752) 2.19 2.63E-06 1.80E-03
 organic acid metabolic process (GO:0006082) 2.18 1.16E-06 9.65E-04