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Table 1 Different characteristics of Erdős–Rényi random graph, scale-free network, configuration model network (the same node degrees as in the giant component of the SD network) and the giant components (GC) observed in the SD and PCM simulated networks are compared

From: Modelling segmental duplications in the human genome

Type Clustering coefficient Shortest path
SD network GC 0.57 4.93
PCM network GC 0.18 3.5
Random network 0.012 2.95
Scale-free network 0.031 2.83
Configuration network 0.08 3.02
  1. These characteristics include: a mean clustering coefficient and an average shortest path length. All networks/components in our comparison were of the same size (see “Methods” section). Among the networks we studied the PCM synthetic network is the most similar to the SD network (even though these are rather distinct)