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Table 1 Genes identified in the Poplar trichocarpa DUB family

From: The DUB family in Populus: identification, characterization, evolution and expression patterns

Subfamily Gene name Gene ID Subfamily Gene name Gene ID
UBP PtrUBP1 Potri.017G055600 UBP PtrUBP2 Potri.001G315600
UBP PtrUBP3 Potri.007G093600 UBP PtrUBP4 Potri.005G074900
UBP PtrUBP5.1 Potri.016G031900 UBP PtrUBP5.2 Potri.006G033800
UBP PtrUBP6 Potri.003G033700 UBP PtrUBP7 Potri.001G197400
UBP PtrUBP8.1 Potri.016G067400 UBP PtrUBP8.2 Potri.006G201100
UBP PtrUBP8.3 Potri.001G214800 UBP PtrUBP9 Potri.001G449000
UBP PtrUBP10 Potri.011G152500 UBP PtrUBP12.1 Potri.006G198300
UBP PtrUBP12.2 Potri.016G064100 UBP PtrUBP13.1 Potri.008G012600
UBP PtrUBP13.2 Potri.010G245100 UBP PtrUBP14.1 Potri.011G125800
UBP PtrUBP14.2 Potri.001G408800 UBP PtrUBP15.1 Potri.001G378900
UBP PtrUBP15.2 Potri.011G095200 UBP PtrUBP16 Potri.002G104800
UBP PtrUBP17 Potri.005G156900 UBP PtrUBP18.1 Potri.018G009500
UBP PtrUBP18.2 Potri.018G011200 UBP PtrUBP19 Potri.006G270600
UBP PtrUBP20 Potri.003G092400 UBP PtrUBP21 Potri.001G142000
UBP PtrUBP22.1 Potri.018G123200 UBP PtrUBP22.2 Potri.006G266100
UBP PtrUBP22.3 Potri.018G017000 UBP PtrUBP23.1 Potri.006G185200
UBP PtrUBP23.2 Potri.018G107500 UBP PtrUBP24 Potri.003G202800
UBP PtrUBP25.1 Potri.011G112800 UBP PtrUBP25.2 Potri.001G394600
UBP PtrUBP26.1 Potri.005G179500 UBP PtrUBP26.2 Potri.002G081600
UBP PtrUBP27 Potri.007G077100 UBP PtrUBP28 Potri.006G010100
UBP PtrUBP29 Potri.016G014000 UBP PtrUBP30 Potri.015G066500
UBP PtrUBP31 Potri.012G071900 UBP PtrUBP32 Potri.017G089250
UCH PtrUCH1 Potri.004G130400 UCH PtrUCH2 Potri.017G075200
UCH PtrUCH3 Potri.003G081000 OTU PtrOTU1.1 Potri.003G162600
OTU PtrOTU1.2 Potri.001G067400 OTU PtrOTU2.1 Potri.011G139500
OTU PtrOTU2.2 Potri.001G430200 OTU PtrOTU2.3 Potri.001G435500
OTU PtrOTU3 Potri.016G110400 OTU PtrOTU4.1 Potri.016G050900
OTU PtrOTU4.2 Potri.006G057400 OTU PtrOTU4.3 Potri.008G177400
OTU PtrOTU4.4 Potri.010G234300 OTU PtrOTU4.5 Potri.008G026100
OTU PtrOTU5 Potri.014G134100 OTU PtrOTLD1.1 Potri.009G160100
OTU PtrOTLD1.2 Potri.004G196800 OTU PtrOTU7 Potri.005G140500
OTU PtrOTU9.1 Potri.008G036900 OTU PtrOTU9.2 Potri.008G036700
OTU PtrOTU9.3 Potri.010G225400 OTU PtrOTU10.1 Potri.016G094700
OTU PtrOTU10.2 Potri.006G125900 OTU PtrOTU11.1 Potri.016G019700
OTU PtrOTU11.2 Potri.006G021700 OTU PtrOTU12 Potri.014G140200
MJD PtrMJD1 Potri.001G249400 MJD PtrMJD2 Potri.006G095700
MJD PtrMJD3 Potri.009G043400 MJD PtrMJD4 Potri.016G110300
JAMM PtrBRCC36AA Potri.001G172800 JAMM PtrBRCC36B Potri.002G233500
JAMM PtrBRCC36C Potri.014G147100 JAMM PtrBRCC36D Potri.010G192000
JAMM PtrBRCC36E Potri.010G192200 JAMM PtrBRCC36F Potri.008G065300
JAMM PtrBRCC36G Potri.008G065200 JAMM PtrRPN11.1 Potri.002G127900
JAMM PtrRPN11.2 Potri.014G032900 JAMM PtrAMSH1 Potri.015G045800
JAMM PtrAMSH2 Potri.010G041200 JAMM PtrAMSH3 Potri.010G141100
JAMM PtrCSN5A Potri.018G006100 JAMM PtrCSN5B Potri.006G275100