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Table 1 General features of the strains Babs14 and Osf17 according to the minimum information about a genome sequence (MIGS) mandatory recommendation

From: Whole-genome sequencing of two Streptomyces strains isolated from the sand dunes of Sahara

Item Description  
Babs14 Osf17
Classification Domain Bacteria Domain Bacteria
Phylum Actinobacteria Phylum Actinobacteria
Class Actinobacteria Class Actinobacteria
Order Streptomycetales Order Streptomycetales
Family Streptomycetaceae Family Streptomycetaceae
Genus Streptomyces Genus Streptomyces
Species Streptomyces sp. Species Streptomyces sp.
Type strain Wild-type strain Wild-type strain
 Gram stain Positive Positive
 Cell shape Filamentous Filamentous
 Motility Non-motile Non-motile
 Pigmentation Beige-cream White-grey
 Sporulation Sporulating Sporulating
 Optimum Temperature 30 °C 20–40 °C
 Optimum salinity 1% 1%
 Optimum pH 6.0 7.0
 Catalase Positive Positive
 Submitted to NCBI JADBJQ000000000 JADBJP000000000
 BioProject ID PJNA665615 PRJNA665615
 Collection date April 2014 October 2017
 Latitude and longitude 30°07′57.9″N
 Geographic location name Algeria: Beni Abbes Algeria: El Oued Souf
 Environment biome Desert Desert
 Environment material Soil of sand dunes Soil of sand dunes
 Depth 5–20 cm 5–20 cm
 Biotic relationship Free-living Free-living