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Table 3 Significant KEGG pathways in the target genes of the detected diet-derived plant miRNAs

From: Diet-derived transmission of MicroRNAs from host plant into honey bee Midgut

miRNAs PATHWAY Gene Name P-Value Corrected-P-Value
Let-7 g ame04310:Wnt signaling pathway GB54903, GB49269 1.70e-3 1.53e-2
ame00620:Pyruvate metabolism GB40280 2.95e-2 5.94e-2
ame00020: Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) GB40280 3.22e-2 5.94e-2
ame00562: Inositol phosphate metabolism GB50211 4.27e-2 5.94e-2
ame04070:Phosphatidylinositol signaling GB50211 4.62e-2 5.94e-2
ame04391:Hippo signaling pathway-fly GB55164 4.62e-2 5.94e-2
ame01230:Biosynthesis of amino acids GB40280 4.62e-2 5.94e-2
ame01200: Carbon metabolism GB40280 8.030e-2 9.04e-2
miR-126 ame00830:Retinol metabolism GB53086 3.95e-3 1.18e-2
ame00350: Tyrosine metabolism GB53086 4.94e-3 1.18e-2
ame00982:Drug metabolism-cytochrome P450 GB53086 5.27e-3 1.18–2
ame00980:Metabolism of xenobiotics by cytochrome P450 GB53086 5.92e-3 1.18e-2
ame00071:Fatty acid degradation GB53086 8.22e-3 1.32e-2
ame00010: Glycolysis Gluconeogenesis GB53086 1.41e-2 1.88e-2
ame01200: Carbon metabolism GB53086 3.00e-2 3.43e-2
miR-143 ame00970:Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis GB40563 1.68e-2 1.68e-2
miR-103 ame04512:ECM-receptor interaction GB45968 2.77e-2 3.99e-2
ame04933:AGE-RAGE signaling pathway in complications GB45968 3.99e-2 3.99e-2
miR-199 ame03040-Spliceosome GB52855 3.42e-2 3.71e-2
ame04141:Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum GB41586 3.71e-2 3.71e-2
miR-26a ame00510:N-Glycan biosynthesis GB54846 5.77e-3 5.77e-3
miR-203 ame00230:Purin metabolism GB44602 6.19e-3 1.24e-2
ame01100:Metabolic pathways GB44602 6.70e-2 6.70e-2
miR-27a ame04145:Phagosome GB54140 9.87e-3 1.82e-2
ame04144:Endocytosis GB54140 1.82e-2 1.82e-2