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Table 3 SNPs that are significantly associated with aggressiveness (AGG-WH) and deoxynivalenol content (DON-WH) in wheat, explaining more than 2% of genotypic variance and located in gene sequences

From: Genome-wide association study for deoxynivalenol production and aggressiveness in wheat and rye head blight by resequencing 92 isolates of Fusarium culmorum

Marker Chr Position Trait pG (%) Protein ID Predicted function Mutation type Amino acid change
FC2_6904196 II 6,904,196 AGG-WH 12.30 FCUL_06122 Unknown Missense_variant (Pro41Ser) Pro41Ser
FC4_3857293 IV 3,857,293 AGG-WH 3.59 FCUL_10689 Unknown Missense_variant (Val839Ala) Val839Ala
FC1_7462132 I 7,462,132 DON-WH 3.44 FCUL_02320 Unknown Splice region variant and intron variant