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Table 1 Host range analysis of Oceanospirillum phage vB_OliS_GJ44

From: Characterization and genomic analysis of the first Oceanospirillum phage, vB_OliS_GJ44, representing a novel siphoviral cluster

Species/strain Susceptibility Source
Cobetia amphilecti 10–4-4 a
Cobetia amphilecti 10–5-1 a
Cobetia amphilecti 432c a
Cobetia amphilecti 587 a
Cobetia crustatorum 432e a
Marinobacterium sp. 08XMAC-12 b
Marinobacterium stanieri LJ-7-3 a
Marinobacterium stanieri NH33 a
Marinomonas arenicola b
Marinomonas arenicola KMM 3893 b
Marinomonas arenicola LPB0063 b
Marinomonas arenicola NH722a a
Marinomonas arenicola NQ451f a
Marinomonas dokdonensis DSW10–10 a
Marinomonas foliarum NH742c a
Marinomonas hwangdonensis D64 a
Marinomonas polaris CK13 b
Marinomonas polaris T27 b
Marinomonas primoryensis K-6-2-3 a
Marinomonas primoryensis NQ142f a
Marinomonas profundimaris D104 b
Marinomonas ushuaiensis U1 b
Marinospirillum perlucidum F3212 b
Nitrincola schmidtii R4–8 b
Oceaniserpentilla haliotis b
Oceaniserpentilla haliotis DSM 19503 b
Oceanospirillum linum MCCC1F01216 a
Oceanospirillum maris NQ142d a
Oceanospirillum scanctuarii 1A14960 a
Oceanospirillum scanctuarii OLL623 + a
Oceanospirillum scanctuarii OSL14 + a
Oceanospirillum scanctuarii OSX334 + a
Oceanospirillum sp. ZY01 + c
Oleibacter marinus B-675 a
Oleispira sp. DJHH37 b
  1. aBacterial strains kindly provided by Dr. Yuzhong Zhang, Key Laboratory of Microbiology, Shandong University
  2. bBacterial strains kindly provided by Dr. Qiliang Lai, Marine Culture Collection of China
  3. cPropagating host bacterium in this study, isolated from the Yellow Sea, China
  4. The 16S rRNA sequences of each strain used in the host range test have been provided in Additional file 2: 16S rRNA gene sequences of the bacteria used in host range test.fasta (51 kb)